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Raising Awareness Of Glioblastoma

Glioblastomas is a high grade (cancerous) primary brain tumour in adults. Glioblastomas belong to a group of brain tumours known as gliomas, as they grow from a type of brain cell called a glial cell.

Information provided is based on a case study, all cases are different, the content is for informational purposes only, you must always consult your GP for professional advice.

Samantha Talking about Brain Cancer

Samantha talks about her brain cancer and how she deals with with the illness.


What happens next?

Following your diagnosis, your consultant will have a joint discussion with other specialists to create a plan for your treatment, this can take up to 2 weeks (14 Days) you will then be called in to agree on a selection of options.

The Specialist Consultant will go through the options along with the percentages of failure during Brain Surgery , for example, 5% chance you could be paralysed, 3% you could go blind, 3% you could lose your short term memory, 2% you could lose speech and 1% you could die during the operation. You normally will have to give approval on the day of the consultation.