Who We Are

Meet The People Behind The Samantha Jaelle Foundation


Samantha's Story

On Friday 13th September 2019 Samantha 'Jaelle' was diagnosed and told she only had weeks to live due to Glioblastoma (Grade 4 Brain Cancerous Tumour) 12 Days later Samantha had Brain Surgery to remove the tumour, unfortunately only 90% of the tumour was removed causing the microscopic end points to grow new tumours, despite 6 weeks of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, Samantha sadly died 4 months later on January 10th 2020.

As the illness was sudden, Myself (David, Samantha's Husband) and her 4 Children researched to find out was going to happen, and what was Glioblastoma, all questions you would want to know when your Wife and Mum was dying!

We then asked ourselves questions, Did the Brain surgery reduce Samantha's life span and is there anything else we can do? because the Chemotherapy didn't work and the Radiotherapy made the new multiple tumours swell.

Samantha had been turned away from Accident & Emergency twice before they give her a MRI Scan, first time (Sunday 1st Sept) they told her it was the Menopause, second presentation (Saturday 7th September) they told Samantha it was Depression and to make an appointment with her GP, then on Tuesday 10th September, the head pain was crippling, so went to A&E the 3rd time and once we got into the Doctor's room, The Doctor said "What will it take for you to stop coming here? as Samantha was rocking in the chair in absolute pain. I said we need a MRI scan, she said Ok, I will see if they will allow you to, but it's doubtful as the tests show you are depressed. Samantha did have the MRI scan and was taken direct to Majors ward and was told she had an aggressive brain tumour.


David Last

Samantha's Husband

David was married to Samantha for 30 Years, and had 4 Children and 7 Grandchildren

Debbie Foreman

Samantha's Twin sister

Debbie is married to Adrian, they have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Why Are We Setting Up The Foundation?

I see everything from the moment the unidentified warning signs started, through to tests, surgery, home care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, the decline and the final passing, I have a lot of valuable information that could help and possibly identify signs that could save future people by getting treatment sooner.Also, no one told me what was going to happen at the 'End of Life' stage, I had no advice or warning, I had to 'feel my way' until the end, it shouldn't be like that, I want help and support other people going through the same situation.

The Directors of the Organisation with be David (Samantha's Husband) and Debbie (Samantha's Twin Sister) and the Trustees will be Samantha's Children Danny, Jasmine, Ebony and Brandon)