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Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy  


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16/02/2020 8:56 pm  

The oncology team work out a plan for your treatment following your CT / MRI scan

The course is normally 6 weeks everyday for the Chemotherapy and weekdays for the Radiotherapy

The Temozolomide (Chemotherapy Capsule) is taken in the morning, oncology advised Samantha to take the Anti Sickness at 6:30am / Chemo Capsule at 7:30 and Breakfast at 8:30 - Samantha was sick on the first morning, so we switched it to Anti Sickness at 4am / Chemo Capsule at 5 and Breakfast at 7am and it stopped Samantha feeling and being sick.  You also have blood tests every 2 weeks to check the blood platelets.

For Radiotherapy, you need to have a mask made to prevent you moving in the radiotherapy machine, then you have week day sessions for 10-15 mins. This did cause some headaches, but got worse after the  6 week session.


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