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Signs of a Brain Tumour  


David Last
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16/02/2020 9:12 pm  

Here are some signs of having a Brain Tumour

  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Abnormal Forgetfulness
  • Blind in Opposite Eye To Tumour (Samantha said it felt life curtains were closing) see was seeing less of her peripheral vision 
  • Ear Infection (Although doctors denied association) But Samantha had ear infection from 2 weeks before diagnosis until she died 4 months later)
  • Weak in Opposite Side of Tumour - Legs / Arms / Hands
  • Speech - Slurred / Muddled
  • Frustration/ Anger / Frightened
  • Lack Of Sleep - Steroids keep you awake
  • Hungry - Steroids make you crave food


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