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What You Need To Know

These are relevant sections if your loved one is suffering.

I have gathered information from third party sources and through personal experience, if you would like to add your experience, please go to the discussion area and post your issues, experiences and essential information.

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Self Help Diagnosis

Here are some self help diagnosis tests

Do you think you have a tumour?

Samantha thought she had a tumour 4 months before, but thought nothing of it, The specialist said sometimes your body knows!

Short term memory loss?

How is your short term memory? Do you forget things 30 mins later after being told, this is another sign.

Are you getting angry?

Samantha was getting angry mood swings, which was totally out of her nature, do you feel angry?

How is your peripheral vision?

If you click your fingers at the side of your head beside your ear and move your hand forward, can you see it?

Touch your nose with your finger?

Put both hands in front and get someone to touch one hand and then touch your nose with that hand.

Place both hands in front of you.

Stretch both hands in front side by side and do your hands shake? This is another sign.

Repeat words when doing tasks?

Before diagnosis, Samantha was repeating words, i.e when getting a fork, she said fork, fork, fork.

Can you walk in a straight line?

If you wobble or go off balance whilst walking in a straight line, this is also another sign.