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The Samantha Jaelle Foundation would be regulated and audited) to educate the assessment doctors in A&E, develop new sense checks for diagnosis of brain tumours and not to put it down to Menopause and Depression, I want to create self help diagnosis, I want to provide easy to understand information, rather going from website to website, that don't tell you that much! I want to create a 'go to' discussion area for people to exchange stories, issues, symptoms, tips and sympathy.

I also want to research Immunotherapy (Type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer) I would love to bring it over to the UK as I believe we have to go over to Germany for treatment, I would like to raise awareness of Immunotherapy and try and get Britain it's first Centre, that would be an achievement.


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The Samantha Jaelle Foundation
All donations with help operate Samantha's Foundation and distribute funds to the Research into Immunotherapy, all financial information will be shown at the end of each financial year.
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Kathryn Smith 25.00 GBP
Samantha Ward 25.00 GBP
Jean Stevens 20.00 GBP
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Total amount 513.00 GBP